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GreenSense Consulting Service Ltd. (GSCS) is an independent, multidisciplinary consulting organization based in Bangladesh. CSGS was incorporated as a limited company with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh. GSCS employs about 80 professionals, 20 technical sub-professionals, and 10 administrative support staff in ongoing projects. At its headquarters, RPMC maintains core administrative staff and senior professionals, numbering for management, supervision and backstopping services to projects, and also for short-term assignments.

Unique reputation

GreenSense Consulting Service Ltd. (GSCS) enjoys unique reputation in its fight against poverty, hunger and poor social context, where GSCS is a proud development partner providing appropriate and sustainable solutions for infrastructure development through innovative technologies, affordable ideas, capacity building, proper policy making, suitable institutional reforms and community participations.

GSCS has developed into a premier consultancy organisation providing services from the stage of conceptualisation to planning, design and detailed engineering of diverse discipline projects. Focusing on the need of clients, GSCS has expanded its activities in diversified fields to develop areas of complementary expertise and strengthen firm’s capabilities. Collective professional achievements include a large number of assignments spread all over Bangladesh The firm has a highly experienced team in different fields. GSCS is staffed by eminent, experienced and qualified professionals. The professional staff of GSCS comprises Engineers of various disciplines, Project Management and Quality Assurance Experts, Educationists, Designers, Agriculturists, Irrigation Specialists, Hydrologists, Energy Specialists, Community & Institutional Development Specialists, Financial Analysts, Sociologists, Economists, Socio-economists, IT Specialists, Environmentalists, Architects, Planners, etc. GSCS also has an active panel of associate consultants and advisors with rich experience in various fields and known in their fields of expertise. They cover a wide range of disciplines and specialities. This has in effect led to an integrated approach to planning, particularly for projects, which have multi-disciplinary ramifications.

General Information

Name of the Firm : GreenSense Consulting Service Ltd.
Acronym : GSCS
Type of Organization : Consultancy Services, Outsourcing and Supplier
Certificate of Incorporation: No. C-160085/2020 under Act XVIII of 1994, Dated: Dhaka, March 05, 2020

Trade License No. 189845, Ward No.40, Issue No. 45,
Issue Date 07/07/2020 under Dhaka North City Corporation

Meet The Team​

The overall management of GSCS rests on a Board of Management. All the Directors and General Managers under Board of Management have proven qualification and experience with high level of management capabilities. The management is familiar with the relevant development sectors of national and international levels. The Board of Management convenes regularly to discuss policy issues, project management and future course of activities.