Key Personnel

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In terms of workforce strength, GSCS has now over 200 members of engineers, professionals and support staff of various discipline, majority of whom are highly qualified, experienced, skilled with wide knowledge of relevant modern technologies. They form a coordinated team to use the advanced technical resources available to them, thus ensuring that projects of whatever nature are studied, designed and constructed which best suit the requirements of the clients and incorporate the most up-to-date technology and method available at that time.

Besides its full-time staff, GSCS has contractual arrangement with several specialized firms and individual experts who work as associates in specific projects under overall management.

Professionals by Discipline

  • Road/BridgeEngineer
  • StructuralEngineer
  • GISSpecialist
  • System Analyst/ Data Management
  • Expert/ Programmer
  • Training Specialist
  • Communication Specialist
  • WaterSupply, Sewageand Sanitation Engineer
  • Water Treatment Plant Specialist
  • Drainage & Irrigation Engineer
  • Planningand Design Engineer
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Water Resources Management Specialist
  • Hydraulicand River Engineer
  • Hydrologist/Hydro-geologist/Eng.
  • Institutional Development Specialist
  • Survey Specialist
  • Socio-economist
  • Sociologist/ Rural Credit Specialist
  • Geologist
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer (Construction)
  • Education Specialist
  • Management Specialist Environmental Specialist
  • Energy Specialist
  • WID Development/Gender Specialist
  • Finance & Accounting Management Specialist
  • NGO Specialist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
  • Legal Specialist
  • Survey Specialist/Land Acquisition Specialist
  • Agricultural Engineer/ Agronomist, Fishery
  • Spec./Livestock Specialist
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Architect/Planner
  • Junior Engineer

Support Staff by Discipline

  • Surveyors / Estimators
  • Administrative Officer/Accountant
  • Diploma Engineer
  • Computer Operator
  • Draftsman
  • Junior Officer / Enumerators
  • Driver
  • Office Assistants / Peon
  • Night Guard
  • Cleaner
  • Photocopy Operators